Wines from Central Asia

We have gathered all of our many years of experience in the wine industry to bring to your attention the wines of the MARO trademark.

Wines from Central Asia

We have gathered all of our many years of experience in the wine industry to bring to your attention the wines of the MARO trademark.

Wines from Central Asia

We have gathered all of our many years of experience in the wine industry to bring to your attention the wines of the MARO trademark.

About us

The MARO WINES company was born after long-term cooperation between San Vito Drinks and foreign importers. Selecting wine from the best global and regional producers, over the years, we have gained extensive experience. As a result, we create great wines based on professional knowledge of grape varieties and world quality standards.

We have gathered many years of experience in the wine industry to bring to your attention the wines of the MARO trademark.

Our portfolio

Baka Bang Red Dry Blend

Baka Bang Red Blend will tell you about the adventures of "palvan". Without palvan, no street performance in the East. Our palvan always surprises the audience with remarkable strength when it quickly throws up pound weights. The power tricks of a palvan with powerful shoulders are the soul of a "dorbozlik" to give the enthusiastic public something to discuss later. And the rumor about how "the strongman held nine people on his shoulders" reached Termez itself, the capital of the Surkhandarya region. In the Surkhandarya region, in the southernmost part of Uzbekistan, in the famous "wine latitude," grapes for Baka Bang Red Dry Blend wine are grown. Baka Bang red was inspired by the strength and nobility of the national favorite - palvan.

An ideal climate, unique vineyards, hereditary professional winemakers - all this Baka Bang Red Blend is a wine that is exquisite in every way. The combination of the warm taste of Saperavi in a blend with red grape varieties allows you to balance the strength and strength of flavor. A drink that will enable you to enjoy the rich taste and tart aftertaste of red berries.

Baka Bang Red  Blend performs at its best at 12-17°C. Ideal with tomato pasta, grilled meat, and salami.

Baka Bang White Dry Blend

Baka Bang White Dry Blend wine will captivate you with the story of the traveling circus and its tightrope walkers. Even before the sounds of the karnay begin to beckon street spectators, we see the installed thirty-meter dor - a highly installed rope, along which our tightrope walker will soon be walking. But now the karnay and surnay are trumpeting, tambourines and drums are beating, and our fearless dorboz is balancing on high. The crowd freezes, keeping their eyes on this dexterous acrobat until he is back on the ground. The Uzbek circus is the most oriental and skillful entertainment, and the air trickster must be light and skillfully balanced. This study inspired us to create a light, balanced wine Baka Bang White Dry Blend, with a delightful ensemble of Rkatsiteli and Kuldzhinsky varieties.

Baka Bang White Dry Blend has the finest aroma and pleasant taste. The berries for this wine are carefully grown and then carefully selected from the vineyards of the southern region of Uzbekistan. In search of the best flavor and quality while maintaining the best traditions, for the production of white wine, we chose the area in the Surkhandarya region, which is located in the famous "wine latitude." The southern climate and generous sun allow the cultivation of high-value grape varieties to create balanced white wines with moderate acidity. As a result, we present a clean, fresh, complex wine with a delicious aftertaste.

Baka Bang, White Dry Blend performs at its best at 8-12°C. It perfectly complements white meat, fish, and seafood dishes.

Baka Bang Rose Dry

The performances of free dorboz are the same as a thousand years ago: athletes dance on tight ropes, lift pound weights, jump through a burning ring, and maskharaboz invites the audience and entertain it in such a way that they cannot pass by. Without the buffoonery of maskharaboz - street comedians, musicians, dancers, acrobats - not a single holiday, this or a wedding, can do. Again, our circus comedian will captivate the crowd into a spectacular masquerade in a characteristic cap, in a striped chapan, and with bright make-up. And they are, again, dancing to the rhythmic music of doira and surnay, unimaginable grimaces and laughter of the audience, who see off their favorites with friendly applause. Raising clouds of dust and crossing canals, street performers will go further to the spacious fields to amuse hard-working farmers who grow a cultivated grape variety Pinot Noir for Baka Bang Rose. The aroma of Baka Bang Rose is delicate, its layers softly replacing each other: from the spice of barberry to baked red berries with tones of caramelized apple and ripe pear. The harmony of the taste of Baka Bang Rose is hidden in the balance of red berries and moderate acidity. The refreshing aftertaste and rich salmon color will evoke the coolness of transparent mountain rivers, to which the mouths of wanderers fall on hot days.

Serving temperature: 9-12 °C. Ideal with salads, meats, pasta, desserts, and fruit platter, suitable as an aperitif. It is recommended to serve well chilled.



How we create our wine

Maro Wines attracts the best winemakers and trade partners to create sustainable wines. Also, our company is constantly expanding the portfolio of wines that respect the ideal ratio of price and quality. Consistent quality and satisfaction are the main priorities of our company.

We create high-quality wines by varying the blend and improving the taste characteristics while observing strict production rules. Furthermore, we pay special attention to the geography of wine production, choosing the best areas for producing wines from around the world. That is why the place of release for our first line of Baka Bang was one of the best wine-growing regions of Uzbekistan - an exceptional Surkhandarya region.

Ikrom Sultonov

Winemaker in the second generation


Ikrom Sultonov is a winemaker in the second generation. Ikrom's father, Sultanov Zakirjon, graduated from the Odessa National Technological University with a degree in wine technology and has been working since 1972 at a winery in Surkhandarya. He also passed on his passion for wine to his son, Ikrom. Ikrom himself graduated from the Tashkent Technological Institute in wine technology. Since 1996 he has worked at the winery from a laboratory assistant to a technologist. Ikrom is constantly improving and developing by visiting international wine exhibitions and seminars. After Uzbekistan gained independence, the Sultonov family bought and upgraded the Sultan winery from the government.